TED & IBM: Nairobi Mobility

Shot on location in Nairobi, Kenya, this video was part of a series three documentary style advertisements produced as a collaboration between IBM and TED. The films were used as targeted content on ted.com.

As both the creative lead and the producer, Ant was tasked with developing creative, treatments and scripts, as well as directing and facilitating the entire production. The scope of this series of films saw our team filming in Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Ant was also the interviewer, designing and delivering questions that generated specific content criteria in a naturalistic way.

Between TED staff in New York City, the agency in Singapore, the IBM client in Dubai, and the director in Melbourne, this truly was a global project.

This project marked 6 years of on-going collaboration between Ant and TED.

Client TED & IBM
Agency Ogilvy
Director Ant Dinham
Producer Ant Dinham
Cinematographer Ant Dinham

"I've loved working with Ant on several short films at TED. He brings a strong sense of story to every project along with a wealth of experience on how to capture that story in a wide variety of settings. Ant is a great blend of creative vision and logistical know how."

- Doug Chilcott, Creative Director, TED Partnerships

"Although we were dealing with four different time zones and a tight post schedule for many different assets, you always seemed to handle yourself with composure and calmness, which was always appreciated."

- Alexis Reiner, Custom Content Creation Manager, TED Partnerships