Looking for an Awesome Music Video?

Looking for a kick-ass music video that will sell your music to new fans, encourage digital purchases, and act as an asset for securing a release with a label? As true media professional with 10 years video production experience, Ant is the producer you’re looking for.

Ant can facilitate any level of music video; from an elegant performance piece, to a full narrative-driven story or awesome motion graphics. As Ant has worked across both production and post production, he delivers highly polished pieces without the need to outsource: keeping production costs low and ensuring every single dollar spent makes the video that little bit more awesome.

For unsigned artists (and even some signed ones) money can be super tight. Ant can produce videos from as little as $900 and deliver a result that looks completely at home on VEVO and Rage.

Take a look at some past projects below and get in contact if you’d like to start a conversation about what we might be able to accomplish together!

"I'm completely blown away by the video, it looks amazing and adds an entirely new creative dimension to the song. Incredibly grateful for all the work put into it, cheers!"

- Finn LeMarinel

"Wow. I started laughing while watching it, it was that good."

- Angus, Capitals

"The quality of your work is awesome."

- Jim, Sonic Hearts Foundation

Previous music video projects