Ant Dinham is a producer and director for broadcast media with a decade’s experience. He works both for video production companies as a freelance professional, as well as directly for end-clients. He has extensive experience working in corporate videos, documentaries, TV commercials, TV broadcast content, and music videos.

Ant came up through the ranks of video production from a motion graphics background, so he's a rare breed of producer/director that thoroughly understands graphic brand and visual information system integration within video productions.

Ant 'cut his teeth' in TV commercials, progressing steadily through the ranks of the commercial production team at a well known television station; finally working as the Creative Director. After leaving this position Ant went freelance and worked for clients around Australia, before relocating to Britain.

These days, Ant has a track record of producing and / or directing over 400 video productions. In addition, he's worked as an editor and graphic designer on well over 1000 projects.
If you're looking for any kind of video production and maximising the production value possible for your budget is a priority, odds are Ant's experience and flexible business structure are exactly what you're looking for. From a single person crew to a full feature film production team, Ant has access to hundreds of top production professionals, whilst not having to maintain the high overheads incurred by traditional business structure style video production companies. This means every penny of your budget appears on screen.

Although Ant is based in Melbourne, Australia, he regularly facilitates productions around Australia, the UK, Europe, and Africa.

To the corporate sector Ant can facilitate promotional films, internal training videos, video inserts for training exercises, resource videos, and employee news-style updates. Former corporate clients include Lloyds TSB and Royal Bank of Scotland.

For non-profits, Ant has experience delivering documentary video assets for conferences and web use, as well as producing video content capturing presentations. Past clients have included TED Talks.

For the commercial sector, Ant is experienced in producing commercials for both TV and web use, as well as instructional and general promotional videos. Former commercial clients include Tennents Lager and Gray-Nicolls.

From simple logo animations to sequences utilising motion capture, green screen, and intensive 3D animation, Ant is also well versed in creating motion graphic branding packages for TV, DVD, and web use. Past clients have included STV and the BBC.     

If there's anything else you'd like to know, or would like to discuss a project, don't hesitate to get in touch!

What clients have said:

"I'm very impressed by the decisions that you're making on the fly. Thank you for being SO flexible ... beyond the call of duty. Wow."

- Jacqueline, Social Business Marketing Manager, IBM

"I've loved working with Ant on several short films at TED. He brings a strong sense of story to every project along with a wealth of experience on how to capture that story in a wide variety of settings. Ant is a great blend of creative vision and logistical know how."

- Doug Chilcott, Creative Director, TED Partnerships

"The whole event went really well & we got some excellent feedback from all the delegates especially in regards to the video content!"

- Erica, SRM Business Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland.

"Although we were dealing with four different time zones and a tight post schedule for many different assets, you always seemed to handle yourself with composure and calmness, which was always appreciated."

- Alexis Reiner, Custom Content Creation Manager, TED Partnerships

"How can you improve on perfection?"

- Keith, Manager, Exercise and Testing, Corporate Security Services, Royal Bank of Scotland.

"The Charity piece was extremely well received, a crowd/client favourite for sure!"

- Ella, TED Partnerships.

"The video is looking FAB - really love the story line and how you shot the Fellows!"

- Logan, TED Fellows Deputy Director.

"We all really love the piece and are so impressed with the quality that has been completed on such a short timeline!"

- Logan, TED Fellows Deputy Director.

"Wow. I started laughing while watching it, it was that good."

- Angus, Capitals

"Holy crap Ant, this is insanely good. Can't wait for the launch now!"

- Alex, RAWK Music