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Ant Dinham is a Producer and Director for broadcast media based in Melbourne, Australia.

Track Record

Ant has produced and directed over 200 video productions, ranging from web videos to TV commercials to broadcast content. Prior to graduating to a producer and director role, he was as an editor and motion graphic designer for well over 1000 productions.

Integrated graphics and video production

For most production companies, motion graphics and your visual brand are an afterthought. It's rare to find a producer / director with a background that provides intimate knowledge of how graphic brand development and information systems integrate with film and video. Which is exactly what Ant does best.

Cost effective business structure

Through Vehement Productions, Ant provides access to a huge network of experienced industry freelance crew and creative professionals. This scalable and flexible structure means every penny of your budget goes towards maximising production value and ends up ‘on the screen’, not towards overheads and operating costs.

Highly experienced interviewer for organically generated content

With a history ranging from generating content for TED conferences to producing corporate videos for The Royal Bank of Scotland, Ant specialises in putting interviewees without media training at ease and generating great interview content that meets pre-defined content outcomes. Has your past corporate content sounded like robots were speaking, just because you were trying to hit specific dot points?

Let's fix that.